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2. YEAR 2007 (GROUP II)
1. Make an outline and write an essay (300 - 400) on any ONE of the following topics: (5 + 15 = 20) 
(i) Smaller Dams and Water Shortage
(ii) Religious Extremism
(iii) Inflation or Rising Prices is a Great Problem in Pakistan
(iv) The Importance of Information Technology, Its Uses
(v) The Scientists World of Future
2. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end. 2 +2 +2 + 3 + 6 = (15) 
     The cave men did not farm; they were hunters and fishermen, and their women collected wild fruit, vegetables, and grain. They lived lives rather like those of the American Plains Indians before the introduction of the horse. They did not domesticate animals, or at best only one animal, our oldest friend the dog. They lived largely on animals; they thought about animals constantly; but they were hunters, so they treated even the horse as something to be stampeded over a cliff and then eaten. They knew something about clay and how it hardens in the fire; but so far we have found no real clay dishes or containers among their remains. 
(i) What were the main occupation of the people of the cave? 
(ii) What type of relation did the cave men have with animal? 
(iii) Did the cave men make use of clay? 
(iv) Explain the meanings of the following words: 
(a) Domesticate    (b) Live on  (c) Stampede
(v) Make a precis of the above passage and suggest a suitable title for it. 
3. Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on the Power Failure.   (15)
Write an application to your principal for the remission of fine. 
4. Fill in the blanks with words preferably from the text that make the sense complete. (20) 
     Chalt village is surrounded by a very large area of cultivation. It is _____ best remembered as the _____ where one gets one's _____ glimpse of the glorious _____ rising elegantly to a _____ of 25,550 feet within _____ a few miles of the _____ This magnificent sun. Snow-clad peak dominates _____ landscape during the remainder of _____ journey to Hunza and one _____ tries of its beauty. 
5. Use any FIVE of the following phrasal verbs and idioms in your own sentences. (10) 
(i) Keep in
(ii) Go in for
(iii) Give off
(iv) Get over
(v) Call up
(vi) Call out
(vii) Self - made
(viii) Stick to the point
(ix) Turn Turtle
(x) Yes - man
6. Translate the following passage into Urdu. (10) 
     I may tell you that unless you get this into your blood, unless you are prepared to take off your coats and are willing to sacrifice all that you can and work selflessly, earnestly and sincerely for your people, you will never realize your aim. I want to make up your mind definitely and then think of devices and organize your people, strength your organization and consolidate the Musalmans all over India. 
7. Translate the following passage into English. (10) 
B.A. English (BZU) - Past Papers

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